Strobist 103


My latest Yongnuo products order from dslrbaby on eBay just arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, they forgot to include the flash diffuser in this shipment. However, my new YN468 flash and two new flash triggers did arrive safely. I also realized that there was nothing wrong with my old flash trigger. Instead, the culprit turned out to be the CR2 batteries from China. I should have further investigated this problem before shooting from the hips and buying two extra flash triggers. Oh well… We live and learn.

In lieu of having a guinea pig, err I mean model, to test my three speedlight setup on, I decided to try it on my Canon point-and-shoot camera for another installation of my product photo series. I discovered that shooting small items that appear to be suspended in a “white” seamless background can be easily done by using a glass table as the base. I shot my main flash at full power through a translucent umbrella, a fill flash at about 1/32 power bouncing off a 42″ silver reflector, and another flash at full power bouncing off a white painter’s canvas from the bottom. I set the umbrella flash as the master, the other two as slaves, and used a Yongnuo CTR-301P flash trigger. Below is the complete setup.

3x flash and reflector setup

3x flash and reflector setup

I’ve been experimenting with product shots since I first purchased my two YN460 speedlights, but I’ve been using a white blanket for my base and have had to further clean the undesirable background shadows in Adobe Lightroom. Using the glass table as my base has eliminated most of the background shadows and I’m quite pleased with the overall results. I would highly recommend this type of setup to anyone who’s wanting to get into product photography. Here’s a sample shot from this setup.

Canon Powershot A1100 IS

Canon Powershot A1100 IS

 I hope that this tip was helpful. My next experiment is to use a three speedlight setup on a human subject. Any takers?


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