My latest addiction has been creating panoramic photos using Canon’s Photo Stitch. I wasn’t even aware that I had this software bundled with my Canon Xsi when I purchased my camera more than a year ago. It’s like discovering an unopened gift under the Christmas tree!

This all started with some friends of mine who had recently gone to Las Vegas and seen some of Peter Lik’s panoramas which are being sold by an art dealer on the strip. I googled his name and found his web site at His images are mesmerizing and breathtaking! I was instantly hooked on the notion of creating panoramic photographs. The fact that Peter is a self taught photographer has given me tremendous hope that maybe, just maybe, I can someday take pictures like him. My ultimate dream would be to shoot with a Linhof 617 or a Horseman 617 medium format panoramic film camera.

Here are some of my “stitched” panoramas using Canon’s Photo Stitch and Adobe Lightroom 3.0 for further enhancements.

Oak Mountain Revisited 2008

Oak Mountain Revisited 2008

The photo above only took two photos combined while the ones below are comprised of 3-4 photos. I found that overlapping each photo around 20-30% works well with Photo Stitch. The only problems I’ve encountered are that the seams sometimes don’t align perfectly and/or the skies’ colors don’t transition smoothly.

Hidden Cove

Hidden Cove

Fortunately, these issues are easily remedied in Adobe Lightroom or with any other editing software such as Photoshop. There are other stitching freewares out there which I may try out one of these days but, for the time being, Photo Stitch will suffice.

Narrow Bridge

Narrow Bridge

Here are a couple of the photo stitching “freewares” available on the internet:
Auto Stitch

The only drawback with creating panoramas is that I can’t seem to get the same satisfaction anymore just taking “single” frames. I find myself forcing everything into a panorama! LOL!

Jemison Old Mill House

Jemison Old Mill House


Here’s my latest panorama at 180 degrees. My photos are getting longer…and longer…and longer… 360 degrees here I come! =)

Highland Lakes 180 degrees

Highland Lakes 180 degrees


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